What is Auto-Enrollment (Automatic PPS)?

Auto-Enrollment (Automatic PPS); constitutes the application by means of which the persons below the age of 45 who work or who will commence to work in the private sector or public sector are automatically included in the Private Pension System by their employers.

The Auto-Enrollment System ensures that you build up reserves by making savings while you are working for your future and that you benefit from the special additional state contributions which are specific for the system.

All employers which are included in the Auto-Enrollment application shall be legally obliged to include to this plan its employees who satisfy the relevant criteria by making a contract with a pension company.

The amount corresponding to minimum rate of 3% of the income which constitutes the basis for the premium or that constitutes the basis for the pension contribution of the employees who are included in the Auto-Enrollment system shall be transferred to their Auto-Enrollment plans. So long as they stay in the system, the employees acquire the opportunity to make additional savings aimed at the pension by benefiting from the advantages such as the state contribution as well. In this application which is based on the principle of volunteering, the employees may exit from the system without being subject to any deductions within 2 months if they wish so.

By means of the Auto-Enrollment application which aims to generalize the savings at an individual and national scale, the contribution with regard to prevention of the fluctuations is made by providing long-term resources for the economy.

You can have access to the answers of the questions which are wondered by you regarding the AgeSA Auto-Enrollment from our Frequently Asked Questions page.

25% State Subsidy
Benefit from the state contribution at the rate of 25% of the contribution amount paid by you. You may also benefit from the state contribution at a higher amount by increasing you contribution amount.
Initial State Contribution at the Amount of 1,000 TL
If you stay in the system at the end of the 2-month withdrawal period, you will be able to receive the one-time initial state contribution at the amount of 1,000 TL.
Additional Contribution at the Rate of 5% to the Retirement Pension
If you prefer to receive your savings in the form of at least 10-year annuity, you will be able to receive the additional state contribution at the amount of 5% of your savings.
Opportunity to Make Regular Savings
Your contribution amount can be regularly collected from your credit card or bank account and you can make savings in a certain discipline for your retirement period.
Appreciating Savings
Your savings made by you within the scope of your Auto-Enrollment contract can be managed in the pension mutual funds by the professional fund managers.
Comfortable Retirement Period
You can benefit from the opportunity of generating additional income for your retirement period by means of your savings; maintain your living standards without being obliged to work in your retirement period.
Safe and Transparent System
By virtue of the Private Pension companies whose all constituents are under supervision, your savings can be maintained in the Settlement and Custody Bank instead of the pension company.
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