What Is Life Insurance?

What Is Life Insurance?

You are not alone against the contingencies. The life insurance which aims to protect you and your loved ones in terms of the probable difficulties will always stand by you for an assured life.

The sad state of affairs such as death, disability, hazardous diseases and unemployment are also existent in life. The important issue herein is our attitude and preparedness against these situations. The life insurance ensures the execution of a payment to the beneficiaries which are stated by you or your legal heirs at the coverage amount specified in the policy in the case where you experience such situations in your policy period.

Why Should I Take Out the Life Insurance?

The life insurance ensures that you will maintain your living standards in the same manner in case of any disability.

In case of death, your loved ones can maintain their living standards by means of the amount to be paid to them. If you have any children who continue their educations, the life insurance ensures that their educations will not be left half finished.

In consequence of an accident within the scope of the policy, your high cost treatment expenses can be paid with low amount of premiums.

In the case where catch a disease at an unexpected time, the life insurance provides you financial support.

You can deduct your paid premiums from your income tax assessment with the tax advantage up to 15%.

*The legal limit cannot exceed 15% of the monthly gross wage and the annual minimum wage amount. In terms of the taxpayers who submit tax returns, the legal limit cannot exceed 15% of the declared income and the annual minimum wage amount.

By virtue of the policies of AgeSA Life Insurance Specific for You, you will be able to benefit from free services and discount opportunities in the areas of health and education.

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What are the coverages of Life Insurance?

The life insurance coverages are the main coverage and death coverage. In the case where the insured deceases, the coverage at the amount specified in his/her insurance policy shall be paid to the beneficiary or the legal heirs of the insured.

In the AgeSA Life Insurances, the below stated product options which comprise the below stated additional coverages are available in addition to the death coverage.

  • Accidental death coverage
  • Coverage with respect to disability in consequence of an accident/disease
  • Coverage with respect to treatment expenses in consequence of an accident
  • Hazardous diseases coverage
  • Alternate Unemployment coverage
    • In terms of the permanent employees; Involuntary Unemployment Coverage
    • In terms of all professionals; Temporary Incapacity Coverage (In Consequence of an Accident or Disease)
    • In terms of the housewives, students, etc.; Daily Hospital Indemnity Coverage (In Consequence of an Accident or Disease)

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How Can the Indemnity Claim be Submitted?

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How can I purchase the Life Insurance?