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What Are My Legal Obligations?

Every employer involved in the auto-enrollment system is obliged to contract with a pension company on behalf of its employees and to include employees who meet the criteria in the legislation.

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In order allow their employees to be included in the system, the employer shall compile and notify to the pension company all necessary information pursuant to law and sub-regulations and it the employer shall update these information on a monthly basis.

The employer shall deduct from the salaries of the employees a minimum 3% of premium based earnings or monthly pension deduction based pay and this amount shall be transferred to the pension company no later than the following business day after the date of the employee's salary paid.

Selection of the
Pension Company
of the Funds
Payment of the Contribution
  • In the case where you do not comply with the obligations which are determined in terms of the employer and the legislation to be enforced within the scope of automatic participation, the administrative penalty of 100 TL shall be applied by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for each violation.
  • In the case where you deposit the contribution amount to the pension company late or you transfer this amount late or you fail to transfer this amount, you shall be held responsible with regard to the monetary loss which occurs in terms of the savings of your employee.

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