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Otomatik Katılım’a geçişte, fon büyüklüğünde sektör lideri AgeSA, uzmanlığı ve güvencesi ile yanınızda!

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Why AgeSA?

Specialist and Experienced Team

  • The opportunity to work with the sector leader in terms of the total net asset value of fund which is preferred by more than 2000 companies
  • The specialist team which is formed for you
  • The prevalent and multiple distribution network which always stands by you
  • The largest Corporate Sales Team across the country and different business units according to the areas of specialization
  • Effective support service by virtue of the Corporate Service Center which is specific for you

Operational Convenience By Means of the Digital Solutions

  • The platform by means of which you can complete all your Auto-Enrollment application and collection processes via the Bi’Tıkla Automatic Corporate and the platform which provides the leading Human Resources solutions of the sector
  • In terms of the employers which prefer AgeSA in Automatic Participation, the opportunity to integrate the Auto-Enrollment application and collection processes with the Payroll products of Logo Yazılım, Netsis, Luca and Microsoft “Dynamics NAV” / “Dynamics 365”
    By means of the PPS Auto-Enrollment Module which works in integration with the Payroll solutions of Logo Yazılım, Netsis, Luca and Microsoft “Dynamics NAV” / “Dynamics 365”;

  • You can manage the application process of the contracts by requesting the AgeSA Auto-Enrollment contract on behalf of your current and newly recruited employees,
  • You can prepare the gathered collection lists, you can grant collection approvals and you can manage all collections in connection with the contracts,
  • You can query the final status with regard to the relevant collection period of your employees to whom the collection imposition will be executed.

Advantages For Your Employees

  • Your employees can benefit from many discounts and advantages which are specific for AgeSA clients by virtue of the membership of AgeSA Bi’dolu. Please click for detailed information.
  • Your employees can easily execute their transactions with respect to their Auto-Enrollment contracts online via the Bi'Tıkla Automatic Personal.

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