Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the group pension plan?

The group pension plan is more advantageous than individual plans because the rate of deduction is lower.

Are my spouse and children eligible to join this system?

Your spouse and your children over 18 may also join the Private Pension System with the benefit of the same terms and conditions.

If the employee gets divorced, may the spouses still continue to benefit from the same terms?

If the employee is divorced, his/her spouse may continue with his/her contract on the same terms. The rights applicable at the start of the contract shall continue to be applicable until the individual terminates the contract.

What happens if I deposit money in the Private Pension System for 10 years and then stop?

You become entitled to a pension by depositing money for 10 years and waiting until the age of 56. During the period in which you wait, the contributions you have deposited continue to be invested in the funds you have selected. However, during the period in which you do not deposit money, the fund operation expense deduction continues.

Can I take a break with the Private Pension System when I want?

Yes, you have the possibility of taking a break at any time you want.

Do I have to pay contributions until the age of 56 before I can receive a pension or a lump sum?

The right to a pension is acquired upon retirement. In other words, you get this right by paying contributions for 10 years and waiting until the age of 56. You may leave the system at any time and receive a lump-sum payment.

Do I lose my savings if the pension company goes bankrupt or is taken over by another company?

Your savings are kept in your accounts at the Clearing Bank independently of the pension company and are therefore secured under all conditions.

Do I have to continue with the contribution that I start with?

You may change the amount of your contribution at any time provided that it is not less than the minimum contribution under the plan.

Will I pay tax for the monthly contributions?

You may deduct your contributions from the income tax base provided that such deduction is not greater than 10 % of the salary you receive in the same month and the annual amount of the gross minimum wages in a given year.

Can I continue to pay contributions after I leave the company?

You may continue to pay contributions on the same terms after you leave the company.

How can I monitor my savings?

You can monitor your savings for 24 hours a day through your Internet code. In addition, you can receive information at any time from the Corporate Service Centre at 0216 633 31 11.

Can I make a lump-sum payment?

Yes, you can make a lump-sum payment at any time. Such payments are not subject to an additional deduction.

How should I report changes in my personal details?

You may use our private Internet branch or AgeSA Corporate Service Centre to report such changes.