Advantages of the Group Pension

Advantages of the Group Pension

The group pension provides separate advantages to both the corporations and employees on an individual basis.

Advantages Provided to the Corporations

  • It positively affects the belongingness of the employee to the company.
  • Swiftly becoming prominent of the Flexible Social Benefits in the companies and the origination of PPS as a selection criteria.
  • The fact that it constitutes a savings and investment instrument which comprises the state contribution.
  • The fact that it constitutes one of the determinant packages among the companies in terms of sectoral competition.
  • The corporate cost advantage created by the Employer PPS payment in terms of the tax applications.
  • The fact that it increases the motivation of the employee.
  • It provides specialist fund management.
  • It provides advanced human resources services

Advantages for the individuals

  • State contribution.
  • It ensures the maintenance of the accustomed life standard in the retirement period.
  • Professional fund management is provided for the low amount savings.
  • Even though they may have left the system, they will be able to benefit from the advantages of the group pension system so long as they do not quit the system.
  • Execution of the investments in much more advantageous conditions in comparison with the private pensions shall be ensured.