VIP Life Insurance

VIP Life Insurance

By virtue of the high coverage amounts provided by the VIP Life Insurance which is specific for the clients of Akbank, you can be powerful against contingencies.

Why Should You Prefer the AgeSA VIP Life Insurance?

The VIP Life Insurance which provides special opportunities for the clients of Akbank enables you to feel safer against contingencies by means its high coverage amount.

VIP Life Insurance
Who can benefit?
All Akbank clients between the age of 18 and 55
*Policy renewal is possible until the age of 65.
VIP Life Insurance
Policy Period
1 year. The policy is renewed automatically.    

Which coverages are comprised?

  • Death coverage: The coverage amount is 100,000 TL as a minimum.
  • Critical Illness Coverage (cancer, heart attack-myocardial infarction, heart valve surgery, aorta surgery, coronary artery bypass surgery - with surgery to divide the breastbone, major organ transplant, kidney failure, coma, stroke, blindness, third degree burns, multiple sclerosis, total and permanent disability in consequence of an accident or disease) The coverage amount can be determined as the half of the death coverage amount.
VIP Life Insurance
The currency of the AgeSA VIP Life Insurance is Turkish Lira.    
VIP Life Insurance
Premium Amount
The premium amount shall be determined according to the age, gender, chosen coverages and coverage amounts.    

Is any tax advantage available?

Yes. Provided that 15% of your monthly gross wage and the annual gross minimum wage is not exceeded, you can benefit from the tax advantage.

In order to receive more detailed information regarding the tax advantage, you can examine our web page named the Life Insurance Tax Advantage.

Bi’Dolu Advantages

By virtue of the Good Probabilities Insurance, you can reward yourself and your loved ones with hundreds of products and experiences we choose for you in the privileged store Bi’Dolu, which is exclusive for AgeSA customers. In AgeSA Bi’Dolu, do not miss the opportunity to have various experience packages such as travel, events and activities as well as products from many categories such as electronics, white goods, cosmetics, sports, accessories and home textiles belonging to the most distinguished brands safely and quickly at advantageous prices.