Endowment Product

Endowment Product

There are all kinds of possibilities in life today.
There is also an insurance that thinks of every possibility for you.
AgeSA Insurance for Endowment Product is there for you and your family through thick and thin.
Moreover, with the advantage of Regular Payment Premium Refund at the end of the policy period!

AgeSA Insurance for Endowment Product is a life insurance that provides financial security for you and your loved ones with death, life and disability coverage. With AgeSA Insurance for Endowment Product, you have flexible payment terms, duration and coverage options, and you can also receive "regular payment premium refund" if no risk has materialized at the end of the policy term.

Why AgeSA Insurance for Endowment Product?

While meeting your medium-term protection needs, with the flexibilities provided under the policy, if the risk does not occur during the policy period, you will be entitled to Maturity Benefit, and if you pay your premiums in full, you will additionally be entitled to Regular Payment Premium Refund. In the event of a risk occurring during the policy period, you can secure yourself and your loved ones with the death and optional disability coverage.

Who can benefit?

If only death coverage is preferred, the entry age is 18-64 years old, and 18-59 years old if optional disability coverage is selected. The sum of age and insurance period cannot exceed 70 for death coverage and 65 for disability coverage.

How long is the policy term?

The policy term can be fixed, 6 years or 12 years.

What are the covered guarantees?

- Death Coverage
- Disability Coverage*
- Maturity Benefit**

(*): It is offered as an option and covers total or permanent disability as a result of accident or illness. Equal to the death benefit amount.
(**): It is 60% of the premiums paid if the insured remains alive at the end of the policy term.

What is Regular Payment Premium Refund?

If all premiums are paid in full at the end of the policy term, the premium refund is 25% for 6-year policies and 40% for 12-year policies.

What is the currency?

The insurance currency is USD.

How much is the premium?

You can set your premium amount according to your expectations and needs, with a minimum of USD 30 per month.

Can I change my premium after my policy starts?

During the term of your policy, you can decrease your premium once and increase it once back to the level at the beginning of the policy within the limits of the policy.

Can I suspend premium payments?

Provided that you have completed the first year of your policy and paid your premium for one year in full, you may suspend your premium payments and reactivate your policy by paying your premiums in one lump sum or by adding the suspended period to the end of the policy term, depending on the special conditions of the policy.

Can I borrow some money?

Provided that you have completed the first year of your policy and paid one year's premium in full, you can borrow from your premiums within the limits under the policy. Details on borrowing conditions are included in the special terms and conditions of the policy.

Is there a deduction in case of early leaving?

If you leave the policy early, an early leaving deduction of 100% in the first year, 75% in the second year, 50% in the third year and 25% in the remaining years until the end of the policy term is applied over the policy value.

Is there a tax advantage?

The entire amount of the premiums paid by you with respect to the insurance contract can be used with regard to the tax reduction provided that this amount shall not exceed 15% of the monthly gross wage and the total amount of the gross minimum wage. For detailed information on the tax advantage in Life Insurance, please see Tax Advantage in Life Insurance page.