Turkish Citizenship Plan

Turkish Citizenship Plan

Get Turkish citizenship with depositing $500,000 or equivalent foreign currency in TRY to your pension plan !

Why Turkish Citizenship Plan?

Pension is one of the ways to get citizenship. 3 years of period is required to obtain the citizenship.

What advantages do I have in the Turkish Citizenship Plan?

  • Management Fee or Deferred Entry Fees are not charged
  • Within the scope of the plan, there is no obligation to pay regular contribution after the first contribution of $ 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency is transferred to the contract in TL.
  • If you wish, you can enlarge your fund by continuing to pay a minimum monthly contribution of 500 TRY.
  • You have the freedom for Premium holiday without deduction.
  • You can change the fund distribution 12 times a year. Funds with "foreign" title are not included in the plan.
  • After the 3 years of period, you will be able to merge your plans due to retirement or tranfer your plan to another company.
  • In case of withdrawal before 3 years, the right to get citizenship with pension will be lost.

What are the features of the Turkish Citizenship Plan?

Minimum Contribution Amount: The contract begins with the transfer of $ 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency in TRY. The minimum monthly contribution amount is TRY 500 which is the obligatory to pay.

Entry Fee / Deferred Entry Fee: There is no entry fee / deferred entry fee in Turkish Citizenship Plan.

Management Fee: There is no management fee in Turksih Citizenship Plan.

Premium Holiday Deduction: No deduction for premium holiday in Turkish Citizenship Plan.

What are the documents required to apply for Turkish Citizenship Plan?

  • Notary/valid apostille certified identity document of the participant (and his/her representative, if any)
  • Notary/valid apostille certified passport of the participant
  • Information of the Governor's Office (Immigration Administration) to apply for a residence permit
  • Document proving that the foreign currency or currency has been deposited or transferred to the bank (receipt, SWIFT message, accounting receipt, etc.)
  • Document showing that foreign currency or effective currency was sold to the Turkish Republic National Bank through bank,
  • Receipt certifying that the amount of Turkish Lira (TL) obtained from foreign exchange sales has been paid as contribution
  • A copy of the commitment letter of the beneficiary
  • Number and validation date of the participant's contract

Turkish Citizenship Plan is AgeSA Hayat ve Emeklilik's private pension plan with plan number 163.