Future Cumulative Plan

Future Cumulative Plan

You can pay the minimum contribution amount of 386 TL per month and benefit from the 25% state subsidy.

By virtue of the Future CumulativePlan, commence to make savings as from today for a comfortable retirement period! Take a step in the new period within the Private Pension System by means of the Future CumulativePlan and benefit from the advantage of special fund diversity along with the 25% state subsidy.

Why Should You Prefer the Future Cumulative Plan?

By virtue of the large fund diversity of the Future Cumulative Plan, you can invest your savings pursuant to your expectations. If you wish to benefit from the fund diversity while making investments for your future, the Future Cumulative Plan is just for you!

Which advantages do I have within the scope of the Future Cumulative Plan?

  • Within the scope of the Future Cumulative Plan, the additional contribution amount of 25 TL for each 100 TL-amount which is deposited by you to your account shall be paid by the state. Thanks to state contribution you can earn more by paying higher contribution.
  • In the manner which the relevant amount shall not be below the minimum contribution amount, you can determine your contribution amount according to your preference.
  • You will be free to change your contribution amount at any time in accordance with the rate desired by you.
  • You can change your fund distributions 6 times per year.
  • You can easily switch to another PPS plan. Within the context of the Future Cumulative Plan, you will be entitled to execute 4 plan changes per year.

What are the features of the Future Cumulative Plan?

Minimum Contribution Amount: The monthly minimum contribution amount is 386 TL.

Payment Period and Payment Instruments: You can make your contribution amount payments on a monthly basis, once per 3 months, once per 6 months or an annual basis according to your preference. For the execution of a regular payment, you may give the automatic payment order from the bank branches or you may execute the relevant payments by means of your credit card.

Entrance Fee: In the Future Cumulative Plan, entire amount of your entrance fee is deferred. The deferred entrance fee shall be collected in the case where you exit from your contract within the initial 5 years and it shall be calculated in accordance with your contract term. The total amount of deduction which may be made within the initial 5 years of the contract shall constitute 8.5% of the annual monthly Gross Minimum Wage for each year. Subsequent to the exit, the collected administrative expenses fee shall be deducted from this amount and the remaining amount shall be collected as the Deferred Entrance Fee.

Administrative Expenses Fee: It shall be collected for the first 5 years in terms of the savings of your Private Pension contract. It shall be collected at the rate of 8.5% of the Minimum Gross Wage for each year. While the entire amount with respect to the first year is collected, in the period between the second and fifth years, the administrative expenses fee shall be collected on a monthly basis.

Suspension Deduction:In the case where the Private Pension contract is suspended, the additional administrative expenses fee deduction shall not be executed in terms of the principal amount of the relevant saving up to the maximum limit which is determined by the Undersecretariat of Treasury shall not be collected within the scope of this plan. The mentioned deduction amount is 2 TL for each full month subject to suspension and this amount shall not be collected within the scope of your plan. In the case where the suspension period lasts for a period longer than one year, the fixed expenses which have been paid to the Pension Monitoring Center by us with regard to the private pension account shall be deducted from the principal amount of the savings.

The Future Cumulative Plan constitutes the private pension plan numbered 158 of AgeSA Hayat ve Emeklilik.

From where and how can I have the Future Cumulative Plan?

In order to make an application with respect to the Future Cumulative Plan, you can visit the AgeSA Sales Office which is closest to you or you may fill in our Private Pension Application form so that we can contact you.