What Is Auto-Enrolment?

What Is Auto-Enrolment?

Enjoy AgeSA's expertise and assurance in auto-enrolment!

Auto-enrolment is the automatic inclusion in the Private Pension System of individuals under 45 years of age that are or will be employed in the public or private sector. An additional 13 million people are expected to join the system to create a savings pool worth TL90bn in ten years once auto-enrolment is launched on 1 January 2017.

Intended to boost the number of participants in the system, expand the notion of savings across the masses and enable it to get a foothold at the grassroots level, auto-enrolment is in place in many countries including the USA, the UK, New Zealand and Italy. When rolled out in Turkey, auto-enrolment will afford individuals a supplementary source of income during their retirement, remedy the savings gap, and make a significant contribution to preventing volatility by providing a long-term resource for the nation's economy.

We at AgeSA are confident that auto-enrolment will prove an essential tool in pushing saving rates higher and rendering the growth of the Private Pension System sustainable.

You can find answers to your queries about auto-enrolment on our Frequently Asked Questions page.