Credit Protection Insurance

Credit Protection Insurance

Your Credit payments are now under protection against the risks of death, disability and unemployment.

Why Should I Prefer the AgeSA Credit Protection Insurance?

Despite the fact that we work in order to assure our lives and to continue beautiful lives, we sometimes face bad surprises and we may experience the periods in which we are unable to continue our works and we may face the risk of death or disability.

Against these risks, a life insurance which protects the life quality of the Akbank clients who receive Consumer, Mortgage or SME Credit s from Akbank and their loved ones and that pays the installments of the relevant Credit s is available. Credit Protection.

Credit Protection Insurance
Who can benefit?
All our clients who receive Consumer, Mortgage or SME Credit s from Akbank and who are between the age of 18 and 70.
Credit Protection Insurance
Policy Period
The policy period is compliant with your Credit period.    

Which coverages are comprised?

  • Death
  • Complete and Permanent Disability Due to Accident or Sickness
  • Alternate Unemployment (Optional)

How is the coverage amount determined?

Determined based on the amount of credit you will use.

Credit Protection Insurance
The currency of the AgeSA Credit Protection Insurance is Turkish Lira.    
Credit Protection Insurance
Premium Amount
Insurance premium amount is calculated based on your insurance initiation age, gender and the coverage amounts you choose.  

Is any tax advantage available?

Yes. Provided that 15% of your monthly gross wage and the annual gross minimum wage is not exceeded, you can benefit from the tax advantage.

In order to receive more detailed information regarding the tax advantage, you can examine our web page named the Life Insurance Tax Advantage.

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