How Can I Retire in the Private Pension System?

How Can I Retire in the Private Pension System?

When you stay in the system for at least 10 years and complete the age of 56, you can retire in the Private Pension System. When you retire, you will be able to receive your savings as a lump sum payment collectively or in the form of regular refunds.

When you qualify for the pension, you can also continue to invest your savings by transferring them easily to the AgeSA Pension Income Plan.

By virtue of the Pension Income Plan, you can continue to benefit from the tax free earnings offered by the system, whilst you can use your savings by benefiting from the “Scheduled Reimbursement” option according to your needs and whenever you need.

How Can I Retire in the Private Pension System?

Determined Period

Your may receive back your payments in the form of wage during the period to be determined by you.

How Can I Retire in the Private Pension System?

Determined Amount

Your may receive back your payments in the form of wage in accordance with the amount to be determined by you.

In the case where you satisfy the conditions of private pension, your savings which are invested within time shall be presented to you in order for you to meet the retirement standards of your dreams. Despite the fact that the PPS retirement age is 56, you will be able to exit from the system at an earlier age upon paying your withholding taxes. However, in this case, some of your advantages shall be lost.

The method of generating the most profitable savings is to enjoy the day without thinking about how to retire and feeling concern regarding the future by continuing your payments in a regular manner. By the way, you may cease your Private Pension System payments and suspend your contribution payments on a temporary basis at any time you wish when you require so.*


The administrative expenses fee and entrance fee shall only be collected in the first 5 years.

This amount corresponds to 8.5% of the monthly gross minimum wage for each year. (The gross minimum wage which is applicable in the relevant calendar year)

The Fund Total Fee (FTF) is not comprised within the scope of the deductions to be made with respect to the first 5 years.

The fund total fee is collected during the period in which the contract is in force.


in the Private Pension System.

You will be entitled to change your Private Pension plans 4 times a year and to change the fund distribution ratios of your funds 6 times a year.

The savings within the scope of the Private Pension plan can not be transferred to another pension company for 2 years subsequent to the effective date of the contract. However this period is determined as 1 year for the contracts that are transferred from another pension company.

In case of death, If you have qualified for the pension, you can combine your private pension contracts which are available in the same company and different companies without being subject to a waiting period-condition.

your savings shall be paid to your beneficiary or if the beneficiary is not stated, they shall be paid to your legal heirs.


Changes to be Made With
Respect to the PPS Contracts as from 01.01.2021

6 Year
7 Year
8 Yılık
9 Year
10 Year and Longer Term
%60 %70 %80 %90 %100

The refunds with respect to the fund total fee shall also be executed as of the 6th year of the contracts.

With respect to the Fund Total Fee;


In the case where you leave your contract within the first 5 years, the defined deductions shall be executed in your plan. However, in the case where you leave your contract subsequent to the 5th year, both the Fund Total Fee refunds shall be commenced and the deduction controls regarding the State Contribution shall be executed. For the reason that you will be entitled to the refunds according to these controls, you will be profitable.

Which of the following would you choose in order to review your contract information?

AgeSA Mobile
By virtue of the “My Products” screen of AgeSA Mobile, you can display your savings amount and the amount you can receive if you exit from the system today.
Bi’ Tıkla Corporate Internet Branch
You can have access to your company information any time you wish by means of the Online Transactions menu in the internet branch of
Account Statement
You can examine your deduction information by means of the Account Statements which are sent by mail and e-mail.


* In case of suspension of the payment for a period longer than one year, the “Suspension Deduction” which may be deducted from the savings of the participant shall be applied in the manner which will not exceed the fixed expenses amount which are paid to the pension monitoring center by the company with respect to the private pension account.

* Pursuant to the “Circular dated 30 November 2015 (2015/50)” which was published by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, in the case where the contribution amounts which were not paid on the due dates with respect to these contributions are not paid within three months as from the payment day of the relevant contribution amount, it shall be regarded within the framework of the relevant contract that the payments are made in irregular form. The controls to be made with respect to the State Contribution at the time of your exit from the contract shall not be conducted in the case where your contract is in the irregular payment status.

* The annual contribution amount which will be paid by the state to a participant shall be limited with 25% of the annual gross minimum wage amount. Even in the case where the participant has more than one pension contracts, the annual state contribution amount to be paid shall not exceed 25% of the annual gross minimum wage. Persons who are not the citizens of the Republic of Turkey will not be able to benefit from the state contribution.

* The participants who have terminated their pension contracts by receiving their savings within two years despite the fact that they were existent in the Private Pension System as of 29 May 2012 will not be able to benefit from the state contribution in the case where they are included in the system once again or they will not be able to benefit from the state contribution until 31 December 2014 with regard to other pension contracts which are available in the system.

* State Contribution is aimed at individual participants. In terms of the employer contributed pension contracts, the state contribution shall not be paid with regard to the contribution amount of the employer. Apart from the employer contribution, if someone else is paying for the participant, state contribution shall be deposited to the account of the participant.

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