2021 Focus Areas

2021 Focus Areas

AgeSA focused on actions to fight against climate change in 2021.

  • Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions were measured and audited.
  • 96% of the fleet was changed by environmental friendly hybrid cars.
  • Underwriting process was moved to digital platforms so that greenhouse gas and water consumption stemming from paper production is reduced and significant amount of trees are saved.
  • Sustainability Stock Pension Investment Fund was established to develop a product that supports the climate action so that pension system participants can invest on the stocks of the leading companies in terms of sustainability.
  • In order to touch the lives of our customers and contribute to the "Green Footprint of the World", saplings are donated to TEMA on behalf of our customers who get married, have children or start/change job.
  • After the forest fires that took place across the country in the summer of 2021, we donated to the "Breathing for the Future – Forestation Project" of the General Directorate of Forestry in order to support the renovation process of the regions.

Other Social Responsibility Projects in 2021:

  • We founded “Fund for All Ages” in an effort to support and encourage civil society activities on aging and aging-related issues in Turkey We have prepared a book called “Live Fully at All Ages” in order to raise awareness about preparing for old age and to create a guide for preparing for old age in physiological, psychological and economic dimensions. The income from the sale of the book published by Kırmızı Kedi Publications will be donated to non-governmental activities. We founded “Fund for All Ages” in an effort to support and encourage civil society activities on aging and aging-related issues in Turkey. We provided a total of 390,670 TL grant support to 5 projects of 4 different non-governmental organizations as the Fund for All Ages.
  • We contributed to the education of female students with the “AgeSA” scholarship fund created by the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV). After the AgeSA Loyalty Survey, we donated to the AgeSA TEV Scholarship Fund for the total number of employees involved in the survey.
  • Within the scope of "Sabancı Group's Social Responsibility Rally", we prepared aid packages and contributed to trash collecting activities with the attendance of 150 of AgeSA employees.
  • As the AgeSA family, we helped to the teams fighting the fires that broke out in different parts of our country during the summer months. With the donations made by our volunteer employees, we sent fireproof overalls, fireproof gloves, fireproof shoes, fire extinguisher balls and masks.

An As-Is analysis was conducted by being benchmarked with global and local companies within six focus areas including sustainability strategy, management, stakeholder engagement , performance, reporting and communications and alignment with business strategy to get suggestions to improve our sustainability performance, to review environmental, social and governmental performance of the peers, and to understand the risk and opportunities through best practices. AgeSA aims to reach “Best Practice” level in sustainability by implementing a three-year roadmap.

Our efforts since 2018 have resulted in reaching 67% in women employees and 49% in women managers. In addition, reaching 50% target in the ratio of women assigned to manager roles was one of our KPI and we achieved it. We aim to maintain the ratio of women employee and women managers to guarantee the gender equality. In parallel to gender equality works, AgeSA completed the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. AgeSA is scored above the threshold for index inclusion, therefore, our data will be published on the Bloomberg Terminal, where users will be able to see that we have performed in line with the index members.

The provisions of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization (ILO) core labor standards guide AgeSA in the conduct of its business. Basing on its Ethic Rules, AgeSA’s efforts on improving Human Rights issues continue with self-assessment process. AgeSA conduct the Human Rights Self-Assessment Questionnaire to deep focus on the human rights impacts directly linked to its operations, products or services by its business relationships.