Life at AgeSA

Life at AgeSA

Our Communication Actions

We have a transparent communication network between the employees and top management. Our internal communication magazine, which we share with our communication officers every month, internal communication meetings held under the leadership of our CEO, our annual vision meetings, our focus group enabling the employees to directly communicate their requests to the top management, online suggestion system called IDEA FACTORY where the employees can freely express their opinions are just some of our communication channels. With regional sales visits, we listen to and inform our employees via many channels.

Social Activities

We organize various activities throughout the year with Bi'Happy, our social club, which was established with the suggestions of our employees and to which our company provides financial support. We create many environments where AgeSA employees maintain a work-life balance and enjoy being together. National and international tours, culture tours, sports tournaments, trekking events, museum visits, cinema and concert invitations, many hobby courses such photography, theater, diving, sailing, food and music instruments are among these activities.

Besides these activities, events such as new year’s eve parties, summer parties as well as happy hours throughout the year are organized to gain energy.

AgeSA members have advantages in many areas

We are having the privilege of being a member of AgeSA with the discounts and campaigns exclusive for AgeSA provided by various institutions active various sectors from master institutions to foreign language courses, from premium restaurants to clothing accessories companies, from private schools to fitness centers, from accommodation to healthcare services.

Wellness is with you at AgeSA!

With the wellbeing activities we carry out within the scope of our “Wellness with You” program, we not only ensure the physical health and safety of each individual in our family, but also support them mentally and spiritually.

While ensuring the physical health and safety of our employees, we also stand by them mentally and spiritually with many activities such as our contracted dietitian service, health seminars, private conversations with doctors and online wellbeing tools.

Our Social Responsibility Concept

At the special days of our employees, we make donations to various non governmental organizations and send the certificates to the employees. Additionally, with the donation campaigns shaped by joining the forces with our employees, we support many institutions needing help.