Our Working Order

Our Working Order

Everywhere is AgeSA to Us

While everything was changing, we said we wouldn't stay in the same place and we removed our office dependency after the pandemic, At AgeSA, with our hybrid working model, we can work from the office 5 days a month, and from a different location on the remaining days.

With our remote working application, as AgeSA members within the borders of Turkey, we can work while living in the city we want.

Even though we are not in offices, we continue to feel the comfort brought by it. We give our new laptops, smart phones, data packages, company line, office chairs, computer support equipment to all our employees.

Flexible work schedule

We handle flexible working hours as a great way of helping our employees find a better work-life balance and as a result perform better at work.

Considering our employee's needs, we provide flexible work schedule to our employees so that they can choose their particular hours of work except the mandatory time interval in the company.