Wages and Fringe Benefits

Wages and Fringe Benefits

As AgeSA Human Resources, we adopt a competitive waging policy in the sector and target to incorporate talented people while aiming at creating a happy working environment by maintaining the loyalty of our existing employees at high level.

Wage management and side benefits system takes its source from the “duties and responsibilities of our employees”, “wage market” and “corporate targets and strategies. Within the framework of these inputs, the “base salary”, “variable salary” and “side benefit” policies for the positions are determined.

  • When defining the base salary levels, we use work assessment results revealing the work volumes of the tasks our employees shall assume. We carry out the work assessments on the basis of the responsibility of the respective task, problem solution freedom and the knowledge/skill factors’ levels required by the task.
  • With the wage researches, the wages and side benefits in the sector are analyzed and our wage levels are compared with the market data. With the actions taken in consequence of the assessment and planning, we aim to protect our employees from the wage fluctuations in the sector and increase their job satisfactions.
  • The job performances of our employees are another main aspect in defining the wage increases and variable wages.
  • The corporate targets and strategies specified for the respective year play a significant role in shaping the human resources policies. In accordance with the needs and plans arising in this context, we shape our waging and side benefit practices.

Our variable wage practices;

Apart from the sales roles, for our administrative staff we have year-and bonus practice. Bonus amount varies according to corporate performance, the performance of the employee and target bonus rates specified for the role.

Sales employees on the other hand are included to commission/premium systems next to competitive wages and other side benefits. They gain material return as monthly and quarterly benefits at the rate of their contribution to company targets with their sales success. In addition to the routine commission/premium systems, we also provide supplementary award opportunities to our employees by way of periodic sales campaigns.

Side benefit practice;

We have various and competitive side benefit practices we offer beyond our laws. With the private health and life insurance covering all of our employees, we secure our employees against the risks they may be exposed to. AgeSA Employees’ Solidarity Association continues its activities in order to relief material suffering our employees may face due to serious health problems and accidents. With the competitive Company Contributed Personal Pension System, formed for all of our employees, AgeSA saves the amount equal to the amount set by the employees for their savings aside on their behalves. Annual leave, food allowance, bus service, communication package and ergonomics package benefits we offer beyond the law can rank among the other benefits we provide for all of our employees.

By shaping side benefit practices in accordance with the needs of our employees, we aim to create high level of profit. With the Flexible Side Benefits system “BUTİK” we have put into practice in this context, we provide our employees with the opportunity to create the most suitable side benefit package for themselves.