Job Application

Job Application

All applications received by our company are stored in our database. When a new position is created, candidates are selected after an evaluation of applications stored in the database and invited for an interview.

Our recruitment policy aims to ensure that active, dynamic, and creative candidates, with a a career goal in the finance industry and believe in positive communication.

Training opportunities

Training for high school students: Applications for compulsory inetrnship of high school students are received in May and June and training is provided between September and June when schools are open. The Human Resources Department liaises with provincial education offices and schools concerned.

Training for college students: College students in their third (junior) and fourth senior) years and wish to complete their compulsory internship in AgeSa are offered this opportunity from June through September. Eligible trainees to be selected among applicants will be interviewed by our Human Resources team and attend training programs in our company.

Applications have to be sent to or faxed to +90216 634 35 96 by April in the related year.

Financial Adviser

AgeSA Pension and Life Co. Inc. , the leading individual pension and life insurance company in Turkey has been formed as a result of the merger of two major companies. With 1200 employees and the number one position in the business, AgeSA is looking for creative and dynamic professionals who want to make progress in their career and desire to join the AgeSA family.

General Qualifications:

Graduated from a four-year college or a two-year junior college.

Graduated from a high school and has minimum two-year experience in the field of banking and/or insurance

Completed or postponed military service for at least on year (for male candidates)

Aiming a career in sales

Result oriented individuals with high organization and planning skills

Capable of conducting researches, successful in social relations and has distcint interpersonal and communication skills,

Preferably experienced in the sale of financial services

*Banking, insurance, business management, accounting, finance, stock exchange and finance, securities and capital market, money and capital management, finance, marketing, and sale management departments.