Recruitment Activities

Recruitment Activities

Acting with the principle of correct person for the correct job, we conduct our selection and deployment process meticulously with our expert Human Resources staff. In order to let the best customer experience to be lived, we aim to work always with the best.

In addition to the competence based interviews, personality inventory, case studies, English examination, Excel examination and evaluation center processes are applied within the scope of our recruitment process.

While looking for the new members of AgeSA family;

  • We prefer candidates who are
  • Team player
  • Daring
  • Outcome and solution oriented
  • Having an entrepreneurial spirit, able to take initiative
  • Believing in positive communication
  • Having high personal motivation
  • With an ethical and professional attitude.

Vacant positions at the company are communicated by means of internal advertisements, internal advertisement system within Sabancı Group and various career portals. We also evaluate all applications received from our employees through references, by including them in our candidate pool.