Training and Development Actions

Training and Development Actions

While putting our reason for being into practice, we believe in our corporate culture and high quality human resources we have trained within our company and shape our training and development investments accordingly.

Training Support

For each employee starting to work with a strong orientation program, we develop a training program in line with the development program. As Human Resources, we define the training and development needs together with our employees and enable such needs to be met by the best solutions. In addition, we were deemed worthy of a gold award with our "DSF2.0 Orientation and Training" Program in the "Best Orientation" category at the "2020 Human Resources Excellence Awards" organized by Brandon Hall Group, one of the most prestigious consulting companies in the world.

With the Occupational and Technical trainings, we provide legislation and various certification trainings through both in-house instructors and training companies, and provide training support in the fields of English and Master’s Degree.

With the "School of Insurance" project, which we started as of 2021, we organize trainings that enable all participants, regardless of their main job expertise, to get to know different disciplines related to the insurance sector, to make sense of the relationship between them and to gain a strategic perspective, and bring all the participants together with the relevant unit managers from within the institution so that they can hear the equivalent of the theoretical training in our daily life from the experts.

We promote individual development by means of interactive training improving the competencies and ensuring high motivation.

We organize competency based development seminars and follow sectoral and professional conferences and seminars.

For the development of our management team, we organize various trainings, seminars and workshops both in-country and abroad.

The annual development planning is made considering new jobs/positions so as to allow progress in the intended direction on the career path, rather then being focused only on existing jobs.

Technical and Sales Trainings

Our employees working in all of our sales channels are included to the trainings we plan for their development in accordance with their own work processes and career steps. In this way, we ensure our employees to be more successful in the job they are in charge of as well as teach our approach defining the quality standards of the services provided to our customers.

We are proud to announce that with our “Personal Pension License Program” we have won an award in the category of “Best Paying Off Training Program” at 21st HCM Excellence Awards of Brandon Hall, providing consultancy services to corporations regarding training technologies and leading the training strategies of 10 thousand customers across the world.

e-Learning with KEP

Besides face to face trainings, we establish also training programs complementing each other by using e-learning methods. With “KEP” we use for our e-learning trainings, we allow our employees to access training topics that shall enable them to continuously develop themselves.

We support all of our colleagues in our training programs, and believe in continuous development to achieve high performance culture.