Message From Ceo

Message From Ceo

Dreams and realities...

The retirement period is described for many of us as a period in which we will be able to spare more time to our family and our loved ones and we will deal with the activities which we delayed for the reason that we could not find the opportunity to experience due to our busy working lives. Well, does this reflect the reality?

The regular researches made by us as AgeSA indicate that more than 70 per cent of the retired persons become obliged to work in order to generate additional income. For this reason, the happy and peaceful moments with regard to the retirement unfortunately happens to constitute dreams for many of us. However, it is possible to break this cycle. While the human life is extended and the expectations from life increase each passing day, we possess the option to get rid of the fear of uncertainty by planning the future from today. Instead of the dreams regarding a worried retirement period, the path to look towards the future with confidence, hope, happiness and comfort passes through having a private pension plan.

Any better alternatives of the Private Pension System (PPS) which is prepared in the supplementary nature for the social security systems and that comprises the practices which are assured by the state, that are transparent and specific for the persons are not existent in our country as a long-term investment and saving instrument.

(Is) our life insured?

According to the analyses conducted by us, the rate of financial literacy is very low in Turkey and a major part of our citizens are not aware of the risks which they will suffer in the case where do not purchase life insurances. For this reason, the consumers which do not wish to cover the cost for 1 unit may encounter the cost for 100 units in case of a probable risk. Our citizens consider when they purchase the life insurances that they just purchase benefits for themselves and their dependent family members.

Actually, the life insurance does not only support the remaining persons in case of death. At the same, the life insurance it also ensures that the educations of our children will not be left half finished and the payment of our high amount treatment expenses which may arise in consequence of an accident. In the case where we catch a disease at an unexpected time, the life insurance provides us financial support. For instance, when a product such as the “Life Insurance Subject to Reimbursement” is purchased, we may receive back our premiums in the case where the relevant risk has not occurred at the end of the insurance period and we may be protected against the corrosive effects of the inflation for the reason that the relevant payments are made in foreign currency. Most importantly, we obtain a financial asset which can be inherited to our loved ones in case of death.

We should consider both today and tomorrow

As AgeSA, we conduct works in the private pension and life insurance sectors that constitute our two main areas of activity on the basis of the philosophy of “Saving the persons from the fear of future and uncertainty”. For many years, as a company which embraces the concept of “saving”, we consider that the precondition with regard to achievement by Turkey of the target of being “one of the ten largest economies of the world” which was determined by Turkey for the one hundredth year of the Republic is to take the current account deficit under control for a stable growth performance at high rates. We know that increasing of the household savings constitutes the most important matter with respect to the fight against the current account deficit and we also consider the Private Pension System as the cure for the current account deficit for the reason that it ensures a savings discipline in the long term. Therefore, raising awareness with regard to “savings” and “ensuring the increase of the financial literacy rate” constitute the center of our business culture. By means of our life insurance and private pension products, we aim to revitalize the culture of “social savings” at the present time. For this purpose, we initiated our mobile application named “Savings Meter” by means of which the consumers can manage their expectations regarding their retirement periods better.

By virtue of nearly 200 years-experience of our partner Ageas in the area of international insurance and the domestic power of Turkey, Sabancı Holding and our team consisting of dynamic persons who are trained in their fields and who have experience accordingly, we try to provide the best services to our participants.

Strong individuals, strong corporations, strong country

Subsequent to commencement of the Private Pension System in Turkey in 2014, as AgeSA, we became the first private pension and life insurance company whose shares are offered to the public. We also conducted the largest public offering of the year as of November 2014 by virtue of the size of our public offering. We consider the public offering of AgeSA as an important step in terms of ensuring the transparency of the company value and revealing the created value.

We conduct many activities in order to better reflect to our customers and public the values created by us. In this sense, while our website which was renovated last year won the Golden Spider award, our “Life Insurance Subject to Reimbursement” product won the Silver Stevie award in the category of best financial products within the scope of the International Business Awards.

As it is the case today, we also aim for tomorrow to increase the values which are provided by us to our participants by virtue of our strong capital structure and wide service network. We provide services to our customers by means of a very wide bancassurance network which includes Burganbank, OdeaBank and Abank in addition to Akbank which constitutes one of the largest banks in Turkey. In addition to the largest direct sales channel of the sector, by virtue of our leading position in the new channels such as telesales, our corporate projects team and agencies which ensure the participation of the corporations to the Private Pension System, our company constitutes the propellent power of the sector.

As AgeSA, we always stand by you in order to facilitate your life by providing the most speedy and effective services to you and to assure the futures and present times of you and your loved ones. We invite you to “save for your future” and to protect your present times and your loved ones.