Our View With Regard to Volunteering

Our View With Regard to Volunteering

We wish to generalize in our company the concept of volunteering which is defined as the using their information, skills, experiences and times by the individuals in accordance with the goal of a non-governmental organization and/or for other persons without the thought of the obtainment of any personal gains and we want to create a difference in this area.

In the belief that the great contribution of the volunteering activities to the professional, personal and social development of the persons will also trigger the development of the society, we attach importance to and support these activities.

Within AgeSA, the volunteering principles have been determined as follows:

  • The fact the works should be related with the priority areas which have been determined in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The representation of the volunteering activity by four volunteers who will take part in the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee upon the establishment of this committee and playing an effective role by these representatives in the decision-making processes
  • Spend by the employees of 1 business day within a year in “volunteering” activities during the working hours
  • The execution of moral rewarding and commendation
  • Execution of the permanent communication of volunteering within the company and outside the company
  • Celebration of the 5 December - International Volunteer Day by means of an activity within the company

As AgeSA, we regularly bring together our employees with the non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The invited NGOs share their missions and visions by means of their training presentations. As AgeSA, we recognize the activities conducted by the NGOs and we execute works aimed at the incentivization of the voluntary participations of our employees to these activities.