Our CSR Strategy

Our CSR Strategy

Our CSR strategy is connected with our corporate strategy and aims to meet the needs of our employees, participants, shareholders and investors, adopting the principle of working with all our stakeholders in a harmonious, honest and transparent cooperation, through the awareness that our activities affect them.

The criteria that we evaluate while setting our strategy have been determined as follows:

  • Being attached to our priority areas of interest;
  • Being harmonious with the goals and brand values of AgeSA;
  • Being globally adaptable;
  • Being clear;
  • Being noticeable and distinctive with regard to areas of investment and stakeholders;
  • Ability to establish partnerships with relevant non-governmental organizations to achieve the long-term goals;
  • Esteem national and international communication opportunities;
  • Enabling AgeSA employees to participate in projects on a "voluntary" basis;
  • Having measurable effects and results.

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