Notification Instruments

Notification Instruments

The year-end and interim financial statements, the relevant footnotes and the independent audit reports shall be sent to the Undersecretariat of the Treasury and they shall be published in the website of our company.

The year-end financial reports shall be announced in two national newspapers within one month subsequent to the approval of the general meeting.

The financial statements shall be sent to the Undersecretariat of the Treasury on a monthly basis and they shall be sent to the Insurance and Reassurance Companies Association of Turkey on a quarterly basis.

The annual operating reports which are drafted as of the end of the accounting year shall be sent to the Undersecretariat of Treasury subsequent to obtainment of the board of directors and submission to the general meeting and they shall be published in the website accordingly.

Website (
The website of AgeSA Hayat ve Emeklilik A.Ş. was prepared for the purpose of public disclosure and informing all stakeholders in the most comprehensive way.

The information on the website shall be updated on a regular basis. The bylaws, prospectuses, introductory forms, prices and yields of the pension mutual funds which were established by our company shall be published in the website. The financial statements which were subjected to independent audit shall be available in the website.

Turkish Trade Registry Gazette Announcements
The decisions of the ordinary and extraordinary general meetings, capital increases and all kinds of amendments with respect to the articles of association shall be announced to the public through the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette.

Disclosure Authority
The chairman and members of the board of directors, the director general and the deputy director general shall be authorized to make disclosure to the press and publication organs.