At All Ages Project

At All Ages Project

Strategy: To guide the preparation for agedness of the society in our country and to transform the negative perception which was created in the society to positive perception.

Approach: We aim to both explain our At All Ages project to our employees and to ensure interaction with the society within the framework of a responsible understanding. In this context, AgeSA also designs the works conducted by it with the sense of long-term responsibility.

Why “At All Ages”

Turkey constitutes one of the countries whose population is rapidly aging. Raising awareness with regard to the aging constitutes one of the most important agenda items for the future. Within the scope of the “At All Ages” corporate social responsibility project within the scope of which bringing to the agenda of the matters with regard to agedness and aging more frequently and raising awareness is aimed, works for embracing the matter were executed during 2019. AgeSA announced to the public by means of a comprehensive launch the results of the “Research With Regard to the Aging Apprehensions and Practices in Turkey” which constitutes the first step of the project. The information which were produced from this research and the information obtained from the experts were collected into a book and they were shared with the relevant stakeholders in order for them to constitute a guide within the scope of the works to be executed in the academic and social sphere.

Furthermore, the stakeholder workshop was conducted by AgeSA and 4 critical below stated items were prioritized.

  • The age range of 25-40 has critical importance in terms of being prepared for the agedness.
  • Information sources are required in terms of the matter.
  • Educating the aged persons regarding their rights is required.
  • It is necessary to design specific projects for the aged persons.
  • In order to examine the results of the research titled the “Aging Apprehensions and Practices in Turkey”, please click.



    By setting off by these priorities, the portal named “Living to the Fullest At All Ages” ( was put into practice in order to guide the preparation of the society for the aging and to transform the negative perception which was created in the society to positive perception. Within the scope of the portal which was positioned as a channel by means of which all communications that were prepared in the context of the project would be presented and disseminated, the recommendations with respect to travel, culture, health and nutrition in addition to the contents that contribute to the shaping of the perception with regard to the matters such as preparation for the aging and the participation of the aged persons to the social life are also available. The scientific researches and contents which raise awareness of the persons who follow the legal notifications are also presented to the users in the Facebook and Instagram account which were opened under the name of At All Ages.

    In order for you to obtain more information regarding the project and to follow our contents, we await you to the web page named that constitutes the guide of Turkey with regard to the living to the fullest at all ages.
  • Interviews and Life Stories

    On the website and on social media, we interviewed with people aged 65 and over about their feelings during the coronavirus process, and we addressed the same questions to young people.

    We contacted sociologists and psychologists who are experts in their fields and published interviews on «understanding and healthy communication with the elderly.

  • Educational Organizations and Workshops

    We arranged 3 trainings for our employees and business partners and reached approximately 750 people

    We have informed about 6,000 people about age discrimination by interviewing live on Social Media.

    We have started working to make our processes that touch employees and customers age-friendly through workshops and volunteering activities within the company.

  • Age Discrimination Awareness Campaign

    As AgeSA, we aimed to break the taboos about ageism by creating social awareness with the "Yaşı Yok" campaign, which is a step of our "At All Ages" Corporate Social Responsibility project. Drawing attention to the age discrimination that almost everyone is exposed to with idioms and proverbs such as “child’s mind” (used to underrate and describe the senselessness of the children’s thoughts), “the young’s head in the clouds”, “s/he sifted her/his flour and hung her/his sieve on the wall” (used to express that someone is old), “at death’s door”; a special movie was prepared for the campaign, adopting the slogan "We can live to the fullest at any age, despite the idioms that have settled in our language." Because there is no specific age for what we can achieve in life if we want to.” In the "Yaşı Yok" campaign, which deals with age discrimination, we break the stereotypes established in society, argue that what people can do is not limited to age, and we invite all of us to end discrimination first in our minds and then in our language.

    Click to watch the video

  • AgeSA Guides Aging With The Book “Her Yaşta Dolu Dolu Yaşa” (Live To The Fullest At All Agesa

    Agesa has released the book “Her Yaşta Dolu Dolu Yaşa”!
    As the first company in Turkey to address the social problem of aging since 2019, AgeSA develops new projects every year, aiming to set the agenda on aging and aging-related topics. Now, AgeSA is taking the "At All Ages" corporate social responsibility project to a new dimension by breaking new ground in the sector. Offering a book that will guide the market on aging and aging, AgeSA has launched the book “Her Yaşta Dolu Dolu Yaşa”, which has the content to help prepare for old age from middle age and to live fully in the aging period. The book consisting of 6 chapters, approaches the art of aging from a different perspective under each chapter. These sections are as follows: Yaş Nedir, Türkiye’de Yaş Almak, Dünyada Yaş Almak, Başarılı Yaşlanmak, Dolu Dolu Yaşa ve Her Yaşta Öneriler. (What is Age, Getting Old in Turkey, Getting Older in the World, Aging Successfully, Live Fully and Suggestions for All Ages.) The book, Her Yaşta Dolu Dolu Yaşa, which also includes advice from Sunay Akın, Economist Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin, Clinical Psychologist Beyhan Budak and Expert Dietitian Dilara Koçak, is available at all bookstores and online book sales points. The income of the book will be donated to the Turkish Geriatrics Association.

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  • Aid and Donation Campaigns

    “At All Ages Fund”

    As of 2021, in cooperation with the Support Foundation for Civil Society, we have established the “At All Ages Fund” to support civil society studies on aging and aging-related issues.

    Within the scope of this fund, we implement a total of 5 projects of 4 different non-governmental organizations in the 2021-2022 period and provide a grant support of 360,970 TL for the total of the selected projects.

    The aim of the projects that are entitled to receive a grant within the scope of the fund is to develop solutions on different aging and aging-related issues.

    Non-governmental organizations entitled for grants:

    • Birey ve Toplum Sağlığında İz Derneği (BİRİZ): The organization’s aim is to improve the psychosocial well-being of people over the age of 65 by recording the autobiography of 60 people through the "Öz Yaşam Hikayeleri” (Self Life Stories) project.
    • Hayat Boyu Hayat Dolu Derneği: Thanks to the "Demansı Anlamanın İnteraktif Yolu” (Interactive Way of Understanding Dementia) project of this association, it is aimed to develop activities that will slow down and prevent the loss of cognitive function, physical skills and abilities that aging individuals may encounter in the future.
    • Yaşlanma Çalışmaları Derneği (SENEX): “Yaş Dostu Mekanları ve Hak Temelli The association, which was entitled for grant with two different projects, "Yaş Dostu Mekanları ve Hak Temelli Hizmetleri Planlamak” (Planning Age-Friendly Spaces and Rights-Based Services) and "Yaşlılara Yönelik Şiddet ve İhlallerin İzlenmeleri” (Monitoring Violence and Violations Against the Elderly), aims to implement a learning program on how to create rights-based services and age-friendly spaces, and to report violence, abuse, neglect, violation and discrimination against the elderly.
    • Türkiye Alzheimer Derneği: The aim of the “Alzheimer Konusunda Bilinçlenme” (Awareness About Alzheimer's) project is to raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease and its care, to provide trainings, and to increase the quality of life of people and families suffering from this disease.
    We aim to support civil society projects in the field of old age and aging by receiving new applications every year within the scope of the At All Ages Fund.

    At All Ages “Pandemic Aid Project”

    In January 2021, we continued our work without slowing down. In cooperation with 7 municipalities in Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul and Bursa, we covered the food, hygiene and health expenses of 2300 people over the age of 60 for 1 month. Additionally, we have implemented the Psychosocial Support Line in order to contribute to the socialization of people over the age of 60 who was alone during the pandemic and to provide psychological support. Thanks to this support line, 1 gerontologist and 4 psychologists contacted 750 people referred by the municipalities and make phone calls to reduce their feelings of loneliness and anxiety, which increase after the pandemic.

  • Support to the Kızılay Corona Solidarity Project Campaign

    As part of the Türk Kızılay Corona Solidarity Project, we donated to deliver food aid packages to people over the age of 65. With this donation, approximately one month's food expenses of more than 3000 people were met.

  • At All Ages Volunteers

    20 AgeSA employees, who apply voluntarily from different departments, support the At All Ages project. Volunteers were given detailed training on “age and preparation for aging” by Associate Professor Özgür Arun, and the volunteers were informed about the At All Ages project. As of September 2020, monthly meetings are organized by the Corporate Communications team, and a sharing area is created for the development of the project, and it is implemented by taking the suggestions of the volunteers. Thanks to the volunteers of At All Ages Project, the participation of company employees in the project is increased.

“Yaşı Yok” Awareness Movie