TogetHER Project

TogetHER Project

TogetHER: Social Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

Strategy: The TogetHER Program constitutes a project which has been established in 2019 in order to increase to a much higher level the rate of our female employees in the managerial positions as a company whose female employee rate is 66% and to increase the representation of women in the departments where the rate of female employees is low and to raise awareness regarding the social gender equality.

Approach: Together constitutes one of the most important outputs of our vision of “sustainable human resources” with respect to which we opened an entirely new page by virtue of the Cultural Transformation project we initiated in 2017 and our characteristic value of “equality”.

Why “TogetHER”?

As AgeSA, we attach special importance to the social gender equality, equal participation of women to the business life and equality in terms of all our implementations as from our establishment. We placed diversity and equality of opportunity among the sustainability goals. These goals are related with the “Social Gender Equality” and “Reduced Inequalities” among the SDG undertakings of the UN. Such as our shareholders Sabancı Holding and Aviva, we also provide support for the national and international formations. Our company has signed one of the most important initiatives, Women’s Empowerment Principles of the United Nations. Our CEO Fırat Kuruca became the Equality Ambassador by providing support for the Equality Ambassador CEOs movement of the Professionel Women’s Network Association. Our management team supports the #heforshe movement of the UN via the social media.

In addition to these, participation and cooperation are also available among the important sustainability goals of our company. Within this scope, the equal participation and cooperation of our female and male employees in the “TogetHER” program is considerably important. When we approached all these matters, our project originated.

Our Works Executed Within the Scope of TogetHER

  • We provided trainings regarding the Social Gender Equality to our employees and we brought them together with the women who make difference in their careers.
  • Along with the Equality Volunteers, we reviewed the company procedures and implementations and we made meetings and surveys with the employees. We conducted benchmark meetings with persons from the world and Turkey.
  • We regulated our wage policy in order to adapt an equal wage policy which is independent from the gender. We added the information area which indicates the average wage of the female/male employees to the files which are communicated to the managers in order to raise awareness in the wage change periods.
  • In order to create awareness in the managers who are engaged in the recruitment process, we prepared a guide regarding the social gender equality in recruitment and communication.
  • By updating our procedure, we made it obligatory to assess the performance of the pregnant female employees at the minimally expected level while they are in the maternity leaves.
  • We reserved spaces for our pregnant female employees in the car park of the company.
  • We organize monthly activities in order to empower the communication between the female employees and female managers.
  • We believe in the importance of the egalitarian language and we execute communication works aimed at the internal and external stakeholders in order to eliminate the discriminative discourse used in the daily language. (We published screen savers, we prepared stickers and we execute social media sharing.)
  • We formulated a company policy aimed at the protection of our employees within the scope of the fight against domestic violence.
  • For the reason that the equilibrium between the female and male employees is low in our Information Technologies department in comparison with our other departments, we focused on this area and we initiated the Jump It HigHER internship program. We are providing the opportunity to undergo internship to 8 female university students. We will provide them the employment opportunity at the end of their internship periods.
  • We provided the opportunity of using their awards in the following years to our pregnant female employees or to our female employees who have kids.
  • We ran for KEDV in the Eurasia Marathon and we ranked among the companies which raised most donations and we provided support with regard to empowerment of 8 women against poverty.

2020 Plans

Primarily, we focused on creating awareness with regard to the Social Gender Equality and ensuring that this concept will be adopted by the employees within the scope of our project. Subsequently, we regulated our procedures and implementations from this point of view. In our future plan, the employees who have adopted the gender equality and who consider the new processes from this point of view will be available. Within this context, our trainings and awareness works shall be continued. In addition to this, increasing the number of our female employees at the management level and in the Information Technologies department shall constitute one of our numerical goals. Increasing the number of female managers is among the company goals of AgeSA with regard to this year.