Our CSR Principles

Our CSR Principles

Our CSR strategy is connected with our corporate strategy and aims to meet the needs of our employees, participants, shareholders and investors, adopting the principle of working with all our stakeholders in a harmonious, honest and transparent cooperation, through the awareness that our activities affect them.

We also shape our CSR activities for the future and security of individuals as we generally do in our sector. In this sense, we have determined the following principles to guide our activities:

  • Addressing the area of savings;
  • Acting with foresight on the principle of investing in the future;
  • Shaping our ways of doing business through the awareness of long-term responsibility;
  • Supporting individual participation and initiative.

Our Priority Areas

As AgeSA, we aim to support CSR projects in the following areas:

  • Savings
  • The Environment
  • Education and Financial Literacy